I’ve been actively publishing articles for ESL’s volunteer StarCraft2 Community since July 2015. It’s been a learning experience for sure, but thanks to the great people in the ESL Admin community it has been an enjoyable and productive adventure. Since the majority of my posts are done through the ESL Play site, I thought I’d give a link to one of the best SC2 communities out there.

Thing’s I’m Particularly proud of:

Spotlight Series of Interviews and Analysis

Installments: hinO, Strange, souL, ArT, PappiJoe, Matiz


ESL Play SC2 Global Banner
Weekly Event Announcements/Newsletter

Initial 2015 VersionEarly 2016 VersionLate 2016 Version

Event Press Releases, Previews & Recaps

Event Press Release – Event PreviewsEvent Recap

For professional and amateur community tournaments, please check out ESL Play SC2!


And for everything else from ESL that is StarCraft2 related, have a peek at my baby:

The News Section!

News Section



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