Hello, my name is Troy, and I’m addicted to StarCraft.

It began with playing the StarCraft campaign as a child, developing into a hobby with the release of Brood War, and reached full blown addiction with the 2010 release of StarCraft2. The realization during the hockey offseason that StarCraft has a competitive professional system came as a welcome surprise, and I have been fervently following the scene since 2011/2012.

I’ve been an avid hobbyist with video games since I received a Super Nintendo for Christmas, back when Santa Clause was still on the verge of reality. I love my games, strategy, sci-fi, and StarCraft in particular.

I am currently an undergraduate at the have now completed my Bachelors of Arts in Communications and English Literature from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. I also have close to 10 years working experience as a structured cabling technician in the telecommunications field.

Since July, 2015 I’ve been in the volunteer position of News Editor for ESL‘s StarCraft2 community. The purpose for this blog is so that I have a personal outlet to report on stories and events not relevant or directly related to ESL.

I joined the ESL team after taking part in a few of their community tournaments, which reinvigorated my love to StarCraft2 and pushed me to improve my play. I wanted to give back to the StarCraft community, and the work with ESL, as well as this blog, are part of my efforts to do so.

I’m not a professional player, nor even a particularly good player (SC2 Profile here), but I do have some experience following the complex and intricate StarCraft scene, and I hope that I use that to spread the news within the community. The passion is real, all else will follow.

Here’s hoping you enjoy what you find here,




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